20" x 16"   $3,500.00 36" x 30"    $6,000.00 60" x 36"     $8500.00
24" x 20"   $4,500.00 40" x 32"    $6,500.00 72' x 48"   $10,000.00
30" x 24"   $5,500.00 48" x 36"    $7,500.00 96" x 54"   $12,000.00

Portraits unframed, 50% non-refundable deposit holds your
place on my calendar.

Prices do not include sales tax (WA). Balance on account is
due at the time of final acceptance/completion. Traveling
expenses and shipping added outside the Greater Seattle
and Dallas/Fort Worth areas. 25% will be added for each
additional subject. Prices can change without notice.
Deposit insures price.

We accept major credit cards through PayPal

Commission Procedure for Portraits

During the first meeting, all the important elements of the
portrait are discussed which includes lifestyle and interests
so that they may be included in the planning of the portrait.
Other elements discussed in this first meeting would
include setting, mood, lighting, and dress. Following this
preliminary information gathering, a photographic session
or sessions are planned.

Photographs from these sessions are used as a guide to
determine just the right pose, look, and feel for the portrait.
What might be a beautiful pose to the artist, might be
actually uncharacteristic of the subject. Once the correct
"look" is determined and recorded photographically, the
painting stage can begin. If needed, a small study is
produced which shows the client all the elements to be
used in the final rendering of the portrait.

As the painting unfolds, the reference photos act as a guide.
It is the artist’s intent to create not only an excellent
likeness, but more importantly, to capture the intangibles
which convey the subjects personality, energy, and spirit.
The portrait is completed when all parties agree and are
happy with the final rendering.

Robert W. Fiser can be reached at:
Email or 425-487-2698

Murals and Decorative Painting Fees and Procedures

Murals and decorative painting start at $400.00. The price
depends on size, amount of detail, and difficulty of the
project. Price will include paint, materials, and if needed
scaffolding rental unless other arrangements are agreed
upon. Each mural project is unique and after receiving
all the information on a project we can then give an
accurate and free quote. At that time and an estimated
time of completion

Depending on the project, a drawing may be needed.
A simple b&w pencil sketch of the project is provided at
no charge to the client of what the mural will look like
when complete. This will show what elements are included
and the composition. In the event that the client wishes
to have a color rendering there is a charge of $50.00/hour,
with a $50.00 minimum. After the sketch or rendering is
approved, changes and additions to the mural will incur
additional charges.

Ann G. Fiser can be reached at:
annfiser@fiserartstudio.com or 425-487-2698

Our goal is to make sure your
expectations are not only met but exceeded.